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The Lost Seahorses & Conch's Revelation: Littleriver's Notebook

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I love being outdoors, and especially the beaches, don't know about it now with the oil slick. I am a violin, viola, saxophone, guitar(mandolin, ukulele too)player, part time music teacher and vegetarian chef, etc. Lover of reading and writing, all arts, cinema & dance. I am finishing a degree of Master to continue with a Doctoral for they told me that was the only way if I ever make it in the bloody humanities which are over filled. Who knows in what strange town in Alaska eventually I will be working in? Hopefully, in warmer but not too warm Southern states.I have come back here, for it is interesting, but then saw many have stopped like I had done, at the same time, few continued. I am into all religions especially Zen Buddhism and Vedanta, actually I had a very adorable childhood and early teen reading Alan Watts who died in the 70's but thought he was still alive. It was through music and John Cage that I was directed into my interest. It was through City lights Bookstore in San Francisco I was I got into Kerouac and his Dharma and the Beats. I had back then Dharma Bums many times, to go read Ginsberg, McClure, Corso, Patchen, etc, and looking back further to the 30's and back!